How to get started

Genesis offers favorable investment conditions that will allow you to save time and money when working with companies. Why is investing with Genesis more profitable than investing on your own?

Investing with Genesis

  • Reliable and profitable companies are gathered in one place
  • Legal support of transactions
  • Easy to conclude contracts
  • Flexibility of the amounts available for investment
  • Legal guarantees of making a profit
  • No intermediary fees for investors


  • The need to independently
    search for companies
  • Lack of legal assistance
    when investing
  • Complex technical and legal process
    of concluding contracts
  • Lack of opportunity to test the
    company with the minimum amount
  • Lack of an insurance fund covering
    possible losses
  • Broker's commission on each
    completed transaction
  • Why do I need Genesis?

    The Genesis platform significantly shortens the investor's path to receiving final dividends. We offer users an automated solution that allows them to sign a contract with a company and start making a profit in just a few simple steps.

  • How will I earn money?

    Your profit is the income from the activities of the company that you have chosen to invest in. After the conclusion of the contract, the partner company begins to pay you the percentage of profit specified in the concluded contract.

  • What does Genesis earn?

    Genesis receives a fixed commission fee from each transaction made on our platform. The commission is charged to the partner company – the investor does not cover the additional fees.

  • What is the benefit for partner companies?

    Partner companies are provided with a stable inflow of investment, and can use the funds received to expand the staff, modernize working tools and systematically scale their projects to subsequently increase the amount of profit generated.

How to get
started a work
  • Registration

    The registration process will not take much time and will require a minimum of personal information. You need to specify: full name, e-mail, username and password.

  • Introduction to companies

    In your personal account, you can get acquainted with the partner companies offered by us, and choose an offer that is right for you. When choosing a company, pay attention to the profitability and the duration of the transaction.

  • Top up your balance

    To open a transaction with a partner company, you need to top up the balance of your personal account for the amount of the desired investment.

    Please note! The Genesis platform offers a large number of payment systems, including options for adding funds to your balance without fees. Contact the support service for a detailed consultation.

  • Opening a transaction

    After you top up your balance – you can open a deal with any available partner company. To do this, go to the "Make a deal" section, specify the amount of the investment and follow the next steps. You can open deals with several companies at the same time.

  • Generating profit

    The partner company instantly receives investment funds to its account. After receiving the funds, the company is engaged in its normal activities, and charges a fixed part of the profit received to your personal account balance. The amount of your dividends depends on the amount for which the transaction was opened.

  • Making a profit

    The profit on the transaction opened by you is credited to your balance every 24 hours, from the moment of conclusion of the transaction. To withdraw the received profit, you need to create a withdrawal request in the "Withdrawal of funds" section.

    Please note! Specify your withdrawal details in the "Settings" section before creating a request.

Genesis UP
In addition to working with partner companies, the Genesis platform offers each user to participate in the Genesis UP program. This program allows any user to move up the career ladder in the Genesis ecosystem and increase their profit, depending on their success in moving up the career ladder.
You can read the terms of the Genesis UP program in the "Career" section.
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