Partnership with GENESIS

The advertising investment platform Genesis offers its services to the heads of companies who are interested in the development and scaling of their business, as well as a stable inflow of investments to increase the volume of generated profits. By becoming a partner company of the Genesis platform, you will receive a tool that will provide your project with a stable and systematic inflow of investment funds, which you would not be able to get in the traditional way. The concept of the Genesis platform implies a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship and mutual settlements based on the commission retained by the Genesis platform from transactions with a partner company.

When placing your company on the Genesis platform, you do not pay for advertising and listing, and all settlements are made according to the contract concluded between your company and the Genesis platform at the start of work.

Advantages of working with Genesis
  • Stability

    Your company will be provided with a stable cash flow during the entire duration of the contract.

  • Transparent conditions

    The relationships and settlements between the Genesis platform and the companies are spelled out in the cooperation agreement. After the legal registration of all obligations – the terms of the contract do not change throughout the entire period of work.

  • Development

    Discover the possibility of stable development and profit generation, thanks to the unique model of work of Genesis.

  • Zoom

    Use the investment funds to expand your staff, upgrade your work tools, and systematically scale your project.

Our services
  • Advertising company for finding an audience of investors
  • Attracting investment funds to the company
  • Legal support in the relations between the investor and the partner company
  • Automation of cash flow in mutual settlements between the investor and the partner company
  • Analytics and financial advice of business processes of partner companies
  • Development of a strategy and optimization of the allocation of attracted investment funds
  • 52320 Active Users
  • 34098 Transactions concluded
  • 35500₽ Average transaction amount
  • 3 Partner Companies
Leave a request to enter into a partnership with GENESIS

To start the process of considering your project as a partner company of the Genesis platform, we need to obtain primary information about your company. This will save us and your time, as well as speed up the subsequent process of listing the company.

In order for us to conduct a preliminary audit of your company and evaluate the future partnership, please send the following information:
  • Company Name
  • Average ROI
  • Financial statements of the company for the last 3 years
  • Field of activity
  • Contacts (email, phone number)
  • Company presentation
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